Spread the Word: Our Sour Cherry Spread is Gold!

Spread the Word: Our Sour Cherry Spread is Gold!

We are thrilled to announce that Divina Sour Cherry Spread has been awarded the prestigious SOFI Gold Award by the Specialty Food Association! We are so grateful and honored for this recognition and look forward to celebrating our big win at the 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show.

Meet the Trio

Item 20389 | 9oz glass jar

  • Perfect for specialty deli displays & cross merchandising with cheese

Item D0398 | 3.5lb pail

  • Ideal for menu applications, assemblers, prepared foods, restaurants & more

Item 81289 | 0.7oz portion pack

  • Wonderful for cheese trays, airlines, catering, assemblers, snack packs & more

About Divina Sour Cherry Spread

The sour cherry season is fleeting - typically just a few weeks - so we made it our mission to capture the bright, tart/sweet flavor all year-round in our handcrafted Mediterranean jam. Available in a 9oz glass jar, 3.5lb pail or 0.7oz portion pack, pair this versatile spread with your favorite cheese, pastry or even roast with ham or Brussels sprouts. Be sure to contact your FOODMatch sales representative for samples and more info.

For more on Divina Sour Cherry Spread, check out the latest episode of The Dish with Divina!

For more information on this year's SOFI winners and the Fancy Food Show, visit the Specialty Food Association.