Our Promise

For many, opening a jar of olives, peppers or tapenade suggests the start of something special. From garnishing a cocktail, to topping a pizza, to putting out a cheese platter, we take great pride and purpose in being a part of your most memorable meals and experiences.

Purple olives lying on a cloth

Our ingredients are sourced from the land in which they indigenously grow to provide you with true flavor and quality. We like to think of them as Globally Local™. Olives, for example, need a specific climate and terroir to thrive. So while an olive may not be able to be a “local” food, we partner with agricultural communities that embrace the principles of the movement:

  • Food grown and produced within a small radius of land
  • Crops that sustain small, local economies and communities
  • Sustainable farming practices

Our promise is simple: to elevate your plate with iconic and innovative ingredients that are crafted with care and tradition.